Our services address an array of operations and business development needs:

- Mitigating operational risk by imparting process excellence and project management expertise ChessMan_Horse

- Accelerating sales through delivering customized Sales and Account Management solutions 

- Improving competitive advantage via conducting rigorous quantitative and qualitative data analytics

Skilled Expertise in Risk Moderation
* Controls framework review and enhancement
* Operational Risk Assessment (quantitative and qualitative)
* Governance and Compliance gap analysis
* Key risk metrics development
* Process discipline and control analysis to manage risks

Skilled Expertise Productivity / Cost Improvement
* Lean Initiatives
* Voice of the Customer / Voice of the Process data collection
* Defect elimination
* SLA identification and implementation
* Continuous Improvement
* Determination of Internal / External pain points

Skilled Expertise in Sales Execution
* Business Development and Territory Analysis
* Customer insight and analysis
* Market Penetration Analysis
* Account Planning Process
* Creating and Capturing Value Propositions/ROI

Skilled Expertise in Quality Control Revamp
* Root Cause Analysis
* Modeling / forecasting for data analytics
* Yield/throughput review
* Spec/control limits assessment
* Demand Analysis

Skilled Expertise in Project Management

* Change Management
* Resource Planning and  Allocation
* Stakeholder Management
* Cost/Benefit Analysis
* Policy & Procedure documentation
* Deliverables / Milestones Management